An evening of murder

For her recent birthday, a friend hosted a murder mystery party. They went all out with a multi-course meal, an outline of a body on the ground and being in character from the minute guests walked through the door.

june 1 2013

It was set in a wedding chapel in Vegas. I was to play Ruby Lipps, a sexy showgirl who has been dancing in the chorus line for the past 3 years. The costume suggestion was a glittering dress with high heels to emphasize her stage persona. This is what I came up with (and I didn't have to buy a single item!):

dress: Ricki's
scarf: Ardene
tights: Halloween shop
shoes: Madden Girl (not shown)

There was a rather terrifying moment when, while trying to take a candid group photo, my camera took a tumble down the stairs. It looked like it was broken for sure. But then the Gentleman Caller used his brute strength to fix it. Excitement!!! See?

We had some delightful shrimp cocktail which made for pretty photos. I was too busy eating, laughing and investigating to take further pictures!

Today I am thankful for awesome friends doing awesome things. 


Style Journey said…
That sounds like an awesome party! I would love to do something like that. Love your outfit and character name too :)
Cara said…
So fun! We did a 1920s murder mystery once. Your dress would work for that too!
gypsyroxylee said…
Oh lady, seeing you in the fun outfit, attending this fun party makes me feel like I don't get out enough! hee hee! I have yet to attend a theme party. Sigh. Love the dress. Love it! :)
Shybiker said…
So cool! You look terrific and certainly appear to be having fun. Great idea for a party. (I need to find a shop that sells those tights.)

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