Way too soon

Today my boss said that my outfit looked like something I had definitely purchased in Europe.

june 2013

Nope, nothing so exciting as that. Just an 8 year old skirt and other Canadian-bought items.  Well, I guess the shoes are from England and the scarf a gift from Italy, but I don't think that's what she was talking about.

top: Ricki's
skirt: Jacob
belt: Ricki's
shoes: New Look
scarf: gift from my sister, brought back from Italy
glasses: Prada

Today I'm thankful for hemming tape. The skirt has been in the mending pile for far too long. Then I discovered that it was as easy as double sided tape! Now if only I could remember where I put it for safe keeping...


Cara said…
Super cute outfit! The black with a pop of colour is very euro-sophisticated! (At least I assume having never been... Yet!)
Megan Gann said…
Awe well you are mega cute! And the outfit is too.

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