Moving Day

When I left for Australia it also meant that I left my beloved apartment. Coming home in January meant that the Gentleman Caller and I would go back to living with our respective parents.  Which is fine. Actually, we're both very lucky that we have a soft place to land. But also adult children coming back to live with their parents? Not great for anyone.

A few weeks ago I decided that we were in a financial position to start looking for a place together. Keep in mind that the vacancy rate in this city is next to nothing (seriously, 0.6%), so I thought that I would put my name on a few lists. Also keep in mind that I am rather picky. I won't live in a bad area, I won't live in an ugly building, I won't live with perpetually renowned bad building managers, I won't live in a basement. So I figured that it would be about a 5 month wait, realistically.

Turns out I looked for one day. It's good to be born under a lucky star! I called my old building to be put on the list for a two bedroom. They called back as they recognized my name and someone had just given notice! They hadn't even put an ad out yet! I took an extra long lunch and went to look at it. There was an hour and a half between knowing that it existed to signing the papers.

Poor Gentleman Caller! He kept getting random texts: "there might be an apartment" "ok there is" "I'm going to look at it" "I am looking at it and I think it's good" "No it's great. I'm going for it". That's when he called me to say "WHOA! WHAT IS GOING ON!!" Turns out that he likes it and it's going to be awesome.

So. Yup. We move on Canada Day. But actually I'll be too busy wearing red and white hats and eating french fries and waving flags as the parade goes by. So maybe the day after?

You guys! I'm so excited! Wish me luck!


Anonymous said…
What exciting news, Danielle!You go, girl! This is your year, lady. It damn well is! Good luck with your new place. Methinks a post showing us the new place should be in the works. Wink, wink! :)
Megan said…
YAY! That's awesome. Sometimes things just come together.
Cara said…
That's so great! I had a roommate that would tell off any landlord after she left an apartment -- I always would apologize for her. You never know when you'll need that bridge again, so it's best not to burn it... and you've proved why! Yay for not having to go through the pain of month long searches!

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