Having someone to take my photos is a delight.  I can be outside and not have to 
search for a tree to tie my baby tripod to. 

may 2013

dress: Joe Fresh
top: Ricki's
blet: H&M
shoes: I can't remember at this moment

I'd like to introduce you to my mama's inukshuk, Mark.  He looks a little different every summer, or even after a particularly breezy day.  He's a pretty welcoming guy!

Today I'm thankful for the greenery that has taken over the city. 


Style Journey said…
What a great dress and I love the black accents!
Megan Gann said…
Lovely dress! I love the black accents. Definitely a look I need to try. Also hello to your little friend! Cute.
Cara said…
MY mom has an inukshuk too! Only she practically cemented hers together, so it can withstand winter!
Jamie Rose said…
Your pink dress is just so cute! I love it with the mary jane t-straps.
Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I really appreciate it.

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