And I said what about breakfast at Tiffany's...

I saw these pants and thought oh hey! I could look like Audrey Hepburn in these!

july 30 2013

I was so enamoured by that idea that I bought them without realizing that they do not have belt loops and, thus, broke my own rule.

jacket, top, pants: Ricki's
shoes: Spring
necklace: gift, from Spain

Today I am thankful for long tops that cover up falling down pantaloons. 


Style Journey said…
Ha ha! That happened to me not too long ago and I had to get rid of the pants because my underthings were showing, lol! Your top is a really pretty color.
Cara said…
Deep blue something! You made my Tuesday (which is very important because it's a Tuesday masquerading as a Monday) any way you can fashion some belt loops?
Shybiker said…
So cute! A beautiful outfit.

I didn't even know there are pants made without belt loops. Unless they're "painted on" tight, I don't know how they'd stay up.

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