Once upon a time I worked in an American themed diner in Australia. There was this one thing on the menu that nearly all the staff recommended called the Philly Chunga.

The name alone did not sound appealing. And then I tried it and was a convert for sure. Seeing as I now live 10,000 kms from this delicious meal, I thought I'd try to make my own.

1) spread cream cheese on a tortilla. Place thinly sliced mozzarella cheese on top.

2) grill up some onions and mushrooms in some seasoning of your choice and maybe a bit of chook stock.

3) grill up some thinly sliced steak.

4) place on te tortilla and fold up. Grill in your panini press like so.

5) Cut up and serve with ranch dressing and sriracha.


OOOOO! It was pretty delicious... although not as good as Misty's! Nor does the hastily taken iPhone photos do it justice. 


Cara said…
Wait a second - Sri racha and ranch? How have I not had that before!!!

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