Just something I'm trying on

Some days I think that I'm a badass.  Then I remember that I'm just not.

Today I tried to blend my desire for badassery with my general ladylike tendencies.  With skull leggings.

july 29 2013

Sadly these leggings DROVE ME MENTAL! They slid down the entire day and nothing makes me more crazy.  Couldn't handle it. And now I have to get rid of them. If anyone wants some mad skull leggings that have been worn for exactly two hours, I'm your girl.

dress: Joe Fresh
belt: H&M
leggings: Retrovise closing out sale
shoes: Nine West, sparklated by me

Today I am thankful for dressing rooms where you can take off your leggings. GRR!


Style Journey said…
Well that's a bummer about the leggings because they are so cool! Can you at least wear them to bed?
Cara said…
Oh noes! I hate when that happens- and it always does at the most random times with the best leggings!
Laura Go said…
That's too bad about the leggings because the print is AWESOME! And I love that dress on you, Danielle!
Jamie Rose said…
Hahaha I often feel the exact same way! I'll wear the cool things for badasses and pretend I'm that cool. I love your skull leggings so much! The girly dress really works with them.

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