The last days of summer are upon us.  This morning was decidedly chilly and we had to turn on the lights while getting ready.

Here are some back alley iPhone photos of Labour Day Monday.

                                                                       dress: made in Vietnam
                                                                       belt: from another dress
                                                                       cardigan: Ricki's 
                                                                       boots: Bed Stu
                                                                       necklace: Paraphernalia 


Beware of potential flashing the neighbours!


Today I'm thankful for underoos that match my dress... just in case. 


Cara said…
I forgot how windy Regina was until we were back there the other week. Luckily, I'd only packed one light flitty skirt, because I never have matching underoos!
Anonymous said…
Hi lady! Just got back from Spain (where the WiFi signal was beyond crappy) and realized how much I missed these posts of yours! The matching underoos comment made me giggle! :)

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