Pinned it and Did it

I got dressed in this outfit on Friday and was very, very apprehensive to actually wear it. I am very firmly in the camp that leggings are not pants.

sept 9 2013

So I didn't. But mostly because it was way too hot to even consider it.

I pinned this image because she just looked so autumnal.

I tried it again on my Monday day off. I'm not sure about the leggings thing...
What do you think?
chambray top: Ricki's
striped top: Smart Set
leggings: LuLu Lemon
boots: Ayla
pearls: my grandma's 

Also I'm linking up with Heather and Kayla over at Style Journey today for Pinned it and Did it!

Today I'm grateful for my thighs. In leggings (as pants) it is very apparent that they are not twigs and that there is no mythological thigh gap.  However, they are strong as hell, have carried me everywhere and are mine. We all need to be nicer to the bodies that we were given, including me. Starting now.


Style Journey said…
I think you look awesome!!! I have the rule that leggings are not pants either, but the longer tops balance it out. Thanks for linking up today!
FutureLint said…
It's a super cute outfit! (and I'm always of the "leggings are not pants" camp too!) I've done it a few times myself but it has to be a pretty long and loose top. I think you're pulling it off. And amen to the thighs thing! Even since my cousin was paralyzed, I've got nothing but love for legs of all shapes and sizes that do what they're supposed to!
Andi said…
I don't actually have any leggings that can pretend to be pants. I think there is a spectrum of pants vs. leggings, and a fine line between okay and not okay! Yours look like they are thicker and fit properly, so they aren't inappropriate! I cringe all the time when I see a lady walking around in leggings that are a little bit see through in the back, and she probably doesn't know. So awkward!
Cara said…
I too have the rule of leggings aren't pants -- but rules are made to be broken! As long as you're confident (and you're not wearing them to say work or a wedding), it works!
silvergirl said…
your look turned out great
my own person rule for leggings is that the top has to cover my hiny!
the leggings as pants thing can go very wrong lol

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