Monday, September 16, 2013

Little Red

The Gentleman Caller was away last weekend. Sometimes I slide into lazitude without someone or something to give me structure.

But this day, on this Saturday, I got up at a decent time. I went to the gym by myself and got a coffee. I did laundry. I wore some awesome boots.

jacket: Smart Set
top: Joe Fresh
jeans: Cleo
boots: Steve Madden

And then I took some fuzzy photos. 

Today I'm thankful for motivation. Sometimes just a little is enough. 



Style Journey said...

Love the red jacket and gold sparkles!

Cara said...

Wow oh wow, you look so happy and dancy!

silvergirl said...

boots, sequins and a fantastic trench
how could one ask for more

gypsyroxylee said...

Oh my gosh, lady, how I envy your motivation, energy, and spunk! And can you look any sassier than in these killer boots and lovely red coat! :)

Laura Go said...

Those boots are so AWESOME, as is that coat! I love the little pocket details!