Filling the walls

Last week I had a day off. I spent the wee hours at the dentist and then the rest of the morning hiding from the snow and ice.
Then I framed my new Ferris Wheel print and it looks so great!

And then I took a really ugly painting that was just holding a place until I could find something to fill the awkward size and made it fabulous!
Sadly, because of the winter wonderlandness of the day I wasn't about to venture to the craft store for the supplies that I needed. I covered cardboard with some white wrapping paper, coloured the chevrons with black Sharpie marker and used gold nail polish to paint the heart. I'm so pleased with how it turned out!

I'm so thankful to be getting back into making things. After having a tiny apartment for 2 years and having no home base for 2 years I'm so excited to be able to have handmade touches in my home!


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