Show & Tell Saturday

This week was mad busy. I'm so looking forward to a fondue party tonight, potentially lazer tag and mostly chilling out!

Halloween Poetry Slam Feminism!

Human trafficking... things are not what they seem

Man, this video just gets me in the feels. Give what you can when you can.

If you're ever feeling a bit low... this will make all the difference.  Penguins!

This is rather long at 45 minutes but it is one of the best things I've seen. These fabulous women are fashionable, outspoken, love life and are interesting. Oh, and their average age is 80! I think it's so wonderful that these women are refusing to disappear as they get older. They stand out and do what they like and, frankly, I want to be them when I grow up.

This crazy article about a woman who died alone in her apartment and no one noticed for 3 years. How is this possible? We need to be more connected. (And she literally lived down the road from where I lived in London).

In 37 seconds you can see the myth of beauty in the media


Shybiker said…
Interesting links. Thanks for sharing them.

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