Saturday Show & Tell

It's Saturday!

My city is hosting the Grey Cup, the biggest event in the Canadian Football League. And our team is in it. This is a city that really gets behind things. We love everything that happens and support it with excitement. Perhaps it's because not a lot happens here. A few years ago the man-made lake in the centre of the city (which is surrounded by a gorgeous park that is bigger than Central Park in NY) was drained and dug deeper. People went out to watch the machines. A book was written! We love stuff! And some people might say it's just bandwagon-jumping but I like to think of it as indiscriminate enthusiasm. And that's not a bad thing.

Anyway, the point is that the whole city is in party mode for the big game tomorrow. I'm hoping to find someplace to watch it (I love shouting in public) that is close to home and that we can walk to because if we win people will be filling the streets!

On to some links to keep you warm!

Keep going, keep going. A pep talk!

Things we all need to get back into 

Sal always gets it right. This is a look I could definitely imitate!

Lovely things to do before you die.

Our ancestors slept twice a night instead of one long chunk of time. Weird.

I've been taking some yoga and been thinking "good show D, your flexibility is really coming along." And then I saw this and it was amazing.

Thought-provoking article about what you want and what pain you're wiling to sustain to get there.


Sage Grayson said…
That cartoon just says it all, doesn't it? I get into a funk every Sunday night too. Thanks for sharing the links--going to check out the video because I love a good pep talk.

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