Bright tights for a terrible day.

nov 7, 2013

They didn't help brighten my mood. I cried in my cube. I cried in yoga. I cried at home and then sorted myself out and moved on to the next day.

dress: Joe Fresh
tights: We Love Colours
shawl: Indigo
boots: shoe party

Today I'm thankful for family and friends who are there to lean on and love when things are less than great. They help pull me out of my dark spirals. And for that I am grateful. 


Shybiker said…
I'm sorry, dear. So sad that you're sad. The tights are a nice accent.
FutureLint said…
Crying at work and crying in public are two of my least favorite things (which is why they usually turn into the slightly better crying in the bathroom.) Sorry you're having a tough time! But you look peppy!
Cara said…
Oh no! I really hope bad days like that are few and far between!
Lots of hugs and bright tights!

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