Today is my birthday! I'm old(er)! To be honest I often forget how old I am. I have friend that range about 10 years on either side of me and it really doesn't matter. Unless, of course, you are looking for a working holiday visa in another country. Then it really does matter and that means I'd better stop being tempted by ebay shoes and keep saving money.
oct 14 2010

My mom stopped by my work today with a birthday pumpkin pie. She is so cute. I cut it into tiny pieces and walked around with a silver tray in one hand and a can of whipping cream in the other. It was like I was in grade 4 again and making friends at school through baked goods.

hat: H&M
necklace: local little shop in Walberswick, UK
dress: Ricki's about 4 years ago
tights: We Love Colours
boots: Fly London Lush boots from London

All in all it was a brilliant day! Hung out with my wonderful family and friends. Birthdays are great!


hillary said…
Happy birthday and what a delightful outfit to ring in the new year!
DaniellaBella said…
Thanks Miss Hillary! No purple as you suggested but I do have purple boots coming in the mail... any day now!

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