"We promised to find them and we have"

Oh my goodness. Have you been watching the rescue of the Chilean Miners? They have been trapped 5 km underground for 69 days. And everyone who's coming up seems calm, in good spirits, and relatively healthy. I cannot imagine what that would be like. I don't think that I would ever want to be in the dark again. I'm sitting here watching the live feed of the BBC and every time a miner comes up... Oh, look at their families! This must be so emotional and amazing. If I'm crying sitting in my safe and warm bed, the emotions that they must be feeling. They were cut off completely for 17 days without any communication. They are brave and these are the people that work hard jobs and never get any recognition. This is amazing... I am out of words and feeling very lucky to be safe where I am and sending love to all those miners and their families. Wow...
"Welcome to the surface and to the life" - President of Bolivia

oct 8, 2010

This is from last Friday, in which I promptly fell asleep after work until it was time to drink wine with the bookclub ladies. I can't find a proper picture of my Hard Harlot Shoes. It's like they've never existed!

So here's a detail from the shoes when I first bought them in Norwich, England in 2006.

dress: H&M
leggings: Smart Set
necklace: small local shop in Walberswick, UK
Shoes: Hard Hearted Harlot via Schuh


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