Brrrr and Tea

I have had so much tea today in an attempt to stay slightly warm. I know I was complaining about my office being too hot. Ok now it's freezing and I deserve it. However my mama brought me an early christmas present of a cast iron Japanese tea pot. Brilliant!
oct 25, 2010

glasses: Prada
necklace: from my friend Amara, made from a domino
dress: Smart Set
leggings: Dynamite
boots: Zara, Portugal

Today's grey, cold, snowy and hideously windy day deserved something to brighten it up. The answer, of course, is OUTRAGEOUSLY YELLOW TIGHTS! I always feel vaguely like a canary...

oct 26 2010

necklaces: local craft fair
dress: Joe Fresh
tights: We love Colours
boots: Ayla


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