Durga is full of fearlessness and patience, and never loses her sense of humour

Today I was fortunate enough to be invited to come to a very important festival for the people from Bhutan. It's the worship of the goddess of power, Durga.  She is fiercely compassionate. She is independent from the universe and anything and everyone. She rides  lion or tiger! I think that I'd like to know this goddess.

We went to the apartment of some of our clients and watched as about 30 people filed into the living room and sat on the floor facing an elaborate and colourful shrine. Two men were reading from books at the same time. Although I didn't understand any of it it was the perfect time to practise mindfulness meditation and loving-kindness. While watching the incense rise and the colourful flowers and fruit surrounding the pictures of the goddess I was able to wish happiness, peacefulness, comfort, health, and freedom to our Bhutanese hosts. Then everyone stood up and sang. It was beautiful and nearly made me cry. In our western culture we are so isolated from ourselves, our families and friends, and our faith. This was so personal and full of community. After the ceremony we went across the hall to another apartment and were fed the most amazing food: fruit, rice with cinnamon and cardamon, a thin doughnut-type bread, a sort of cilantro and pea salad and a wonderful veggie curry. They were so hospitable and kept refilling out plates. Absolutely delicious! They said that they were thinking of opening a restaurant some day. I would be there every day! It was such an honour to be included.

oct 16 2010

jacket & shirt: Ricki's 
necklace: shop in Madrid
skirt: Jacob, probably 7 years old
leggings: H&M
shoes: Camper Twins from New York


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