Trivia hooligan

Wednesdays are date night/trivia night. The prize for each round is a pitcher of free beer. My team doesn't especially want the picture since most of the team does not like the beer. The motto is "Be Consistent" rather than striving for excellence. It totally works. We didn't win any rounds but had high points in all of them and so are still #1 for the season! It's all about the glory!

oct 13 2010

I love teal! It reminds me of my amazing friend Amara!

hat: H&M
shirt: Ricki's
dress: Ricki's
belt: H&M
tights: We Love Colours
shoes: Melissa from Gravity Pope in Calgary

I was basically glued to my computer watching the rescue of the Chilean miners at every spare moment. It was fascinating. And now with all the furor about the one miner whose wife and mistress both showed up. I really don't think that is what should be on the front page. We should all just let it be this wonderful story about survival, bonding, ingenuity and freedom. When has there ever been an event that everyone is transfixed by that is also something good?


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