A lot of people plan out their meals for the week. And that makes sense so that you are buying what you'll use. I thought I'd like to give this a go but I wanted a chalkboard first. We kept our eyes open for the perfect one but it appears that people are extra clean lately and not leaving bits of wood around for others to find.

But then I talked the Gentleman Caller in leaving the house one cold and snowy Saturday night to go to Chapters. I figured we needed an outing to earn our cozy night in. Logic. They were selling sticker chalkboards! I was sold!

They are awesome and work perfectly!!

Now I can go to the grocery store once a week! And we can leave notes for each other! Mostly silly grocery lists... 


Cara said…
We have dry erase boards -- but we haven't put them up since we moved... and I'm going a little crazy without them. Love the look of chalk! (but allergic to it!)

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