My adventure with eyelashes

Let's talk about eyelashes.

I'm a little obsesssed. I love how eyelashes frame and open the eye. I love how mascara completes any outfit. I love playing with different kinds to achieve looks. I usually put on mascara everyday, even if I'm putting on no other makeup. And this isn't because I'm ashamed of my natural face, I just think it's fun. One of the only times that I went without any makeup at all was in Asia when it was so hot that it would have just melted down my face.

Christmas Eve 2012 in Thailand. Not a drop of makeup.

I have always wanted long and lucious lashes so when a friend of mine offered to do extensions as part of her practicing before taking her test to become certified I jumped at the chance. I was going to get BOY ENTRANCERS! I was a little nervous because last time I had a free beauty treatment (the disaster haircut of 2006) it was a nightmare. However, I know her and trust her so I zoomed over to the spa after work. I meant to take a before photo of my lashes but it was really cold and I got distracted thinking about Vietnamese food, drove past the spa and was late. So no photo. Here's one from Cambodia when I was sick as a dog... Zoom in on not very many lashes. 

I lay on my back on the table and my friend placed pads over my lower lashes. They were cool, soothing and anti-wrinkle! She took my lashes one by one with a tweezers and applied a single lash. At first it was a strange feeling but I slowly got used to it. Because of the way that the glue dried she had to go back and forth between my eyes. 
The hardest part was lying still on my back with my eyes closed for 2 hours. But at the end of that there were SO MANY LASHES!!

Here are some phone photos from right after I sat up. 

AWESOME right?
It's a good thing it was dark when I left because I might have gotten lost in my own eyes in the rearview mirror and driven off the road!

I love how I can wake up in the morning and not have to scrub at my eyes to get mascara off. I love how I can just wash and moisturize my face and I'm good to go! I'm not sure how long I'll be able to afford these babies or resist rubbing my eyes but for now I love them! So flirtatious! 


Today I'm thankful for friends that have many different skills. I am a lucky girl!!


Shybiker said…
Yay! My favorite subject! Long lashes subliminally make us look cuter, younger and more feminine. Most people don't register them consciously but the lashes do their work. These extensions on you look fab. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
Mrs. Hosie said…
They look fab! I love them! I want them!
Chelsea said…
Okay well those there lashes are just beautiful on you! Sign me up!

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