Lace it up

All last week we involved in a giant clean up at work. That meant counting ever single item in an office, deciding what needs to be archived or shredded and then putting things in an appropriately labeled space.

nov 2013

I was part of the team that tackled an office that hadn't been cleared out for YEARS. We took out almost 3 enormous shredding bins. We found a budget from 1963! I did some shredding and it took 4 hours in an industrial shredder. Basically I walked around with dust in my hair and eyes for a week.

So there are no photos of last week. But I do have some of this pretty skirt!

top: Joe Fresh
cardi: hand me down from Mom
skirt: Ricki's 
tights: ?
Shoes: Irregular Choice

Today I'm thankful for being done cleaning! 


Laura Go said…
we're having a major purge at the office this coming week, and I'm happy I'm not a paper hoarder! Though I anticipate I'll have to help some people clean out their desks... LOVELY skirt!

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