Ice to Meet You

Today I wanted to write about eyelashes.
But Blogger ate my post.
Either that or I only dreamt that I wrote it.
Both are equally possible.


It feels like -43 C (-45F so it's basically the same) out there. I can hear the wind howling. I wonder if my car will start. If it doesn't maybe I'll have to walk?


FutureLint said…
Ahhhhh! Be safe! It's only -6 here (-25 with the windchill) and my eyes were watering then freezing to my face on the walk to the bus! No fun!
Cara said…
Please tell me that your car started! This was not walking weather!
Marnie said…
We are nudging a sunny 30 degrees C here in Melbourne tomorrow.

I really cannot comprehend how cold it must be there.
Shybiker said…
Wow. I forgot where you live so I looked it up. Must be rough living so far north.

P.S., I still want to hear your thoughts on eyelashes.

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