Get a grip

Pet peeve: Why do cute boots have no grip?! I live in a snowy icey wasteland city and thus require shoes that stick to the ground. I've fallen over more times than is healthy. And I get that designers are making these boots for people the world over and most are not dealing with heaps of snow. But still. I've slipped multiple times in the rain as well...
After riding on the heel of one shoes down a slight incline, arms flailing wildly one too many times (this week) I decided it was time to get some real winter boots.


nov 19 2013

Man do I ever love them. 

jacket: Smart Set
top: Joe Fresh
jeans: Smart Set
boots: Cordula from Quarks

Today I'm thankful to be able to go shopping with my mama. It's nice to do things together. 


Laura Go said…
I know what you mean! It's so hard to find a good pair of boots that aren't the cause of my plonking into the snow!
Cara said…
WAIT!! YOU CAN GET FASHIONABLE WINTER BOOTS? Mind blown. Also, incline in Regina?

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