Grecian Sunset

Today it was -30C when I woke up. That's not even including the wind chill. I jumped into the shower and it wasn't as hot as I hoped. (Mostly due to the fact that our downstairs neighbours are ALWAYS SHOWERING! At least 3 times before 7am today!).

I changed my computer background at work to this photo of Santorini, Greece.

I love the calm blue and I have memories of it being so very warm. I was trying to evoke that feeling with this outfit.

dec 11 2013

I got so so many comments at work today about looking super colourful so I think it's working to cheer people up!

With the Christmas tree up the perspective of the camera is off. All my photos are blurry! RAGE!

blazer: Smart Set
dress: Ricki's
scarf: Ricki's
earrings: gift from mama, Spain
tights: Target
shoes: TK Maxx, London

Today I'm thankful for warm memories...


Laura Go said…
You definitely got that feeling! I love this outfit!

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