A story about a nearly free skirt

Once upon a time I bought a skirt for a penny. Maybe I've told this story before.

Many years ago (8? 10?) I was eyeing up this skirt for months. But $50 seemed like too much to pay. When I finally spied it on the $10 rack my heart was all aflutter. When it rang up as $0.01, I had to ask them to look into it. I couldn't scam my favourite store!

feb 2013 3

The manager checked it out and said it was probably a mistake but if that's what it rang up as, that was the price! HUZZAH! And thus, I can never get rid of it.

top: Joe Fresh
scarf: gift
skirt: Ricki's 
tights: We Love Colours
shoes: Irregular Choice

Sorry about the pained look on my face in these photos. I was on week 3 of a continuous headache. Not great friends.

Today I'm thankful for super strong headache pills and having them be covered by healthcare.


geetabix said…
It's a great skirt and great outfit. Hope your headache is better soon.

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