Show & Tell

I just spent multiple hours exploring Atlas Obscura! The world is a magical place and I can't wait to go on more adventures and see everything!

As someone who likes travelling this last year has been rough. I went to one city two hours away. That's all. Coming back from a long term journey means that you have no money. And it's like building up your life all over again. Now that I have a stable lovely life all I can think about is adventure. I've been to Santorini and  want to go to all these places: Charming places to see before you die. 

I always thought I'd be great at something someday. Someday is fast approaching and it turns out that I'm just pretty good at a lot of things, not great. Here's a cheatsheet for mastery. 

This is a fascinating look into autism and how a family was able to communicate with their son through Disney movies.


geetabix said…
I want to go to all the charming places too.
Mrs. Hosie said…
Love the places to visit! And I've been to Eze, France already so my list is now more attainable!

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