Flame on crazy diamond

My friends like theme birthday parties. This time it was Olympic theme. There were organized games and everything!


I went as the Olympic flame. That way they couldn't start the party without me.

top: Joe Fresh
skirt: Ricki's
sparkle tights: ?
shoes: Madden Girl

So this skirt. I stalked it for months but it was $50. I bought it on sale for $15 but it was too big and it nearly fell down walking up the stairs to work. So I bought the smaller size for $5!! BARGAIN!!!

Today I'm thankful for awesome friends who like silly things. 


Shybiker said…
So adorbs. Who doesn't like sparkle?!

This outfit, like many others of yours, makes me believe we would be friends IRL. Your personality is appealing to me.
Cara said…
Your friends are more fun than mine -- can I borrow them?
kathryn foley said…
SUCH a great idea! and you look great! i'll have to keep this in mind come halloween!

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