Relationship with trends

A couple of weeks ago I walked down the block to get my 5 year old glasses adjusted. I just wanted them to be comfortable. I have no intention or interest in getting new glasses.

Mar 10, 2014

Twenty minutes later I had parted with a fair chunk of my wage and had new glasses on the way. That is some good saleswomening!

I hoping they give me "Sexy Librarian" as that is my spectacles dream!

top & business leggings: Ricki's
glasses: Dolce & Gabbana

Today I'm thankful for courage. Sometimes trying trends that are purported to be only for waifs is intimidating for the rest of us. 


Shybiker said…
Yes! You look wonderful! The glasses are modern and stylish. And the outfit makes me swoon. Courage becomes you!
Cara said…
It's always good to treat yourself, especially when it means you can treat your eyes! Hopefully if you're still having headaches, new glasses will help too! I found a scratch on my glasses today that is starting to bug me, so I'm in the market too. Or I just might track down my contacts again... that seems like the (immediately) cheaper solution.
And peplums should be rocked by everyone (except pregnant women. Man, I thought they'd be perfect!)
geetabix said…
Fabulous outfit!

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