Just still

I'm trying to be on austerity measures lately. I want to save money for trips and experiences rather than things. So I'm wearing all my clothes that I've had for years.

feb 2013 4

I've had this dress since about 2008. I still love it. But it's rather short so I wear another skirt underneath.

cardigan: Joe Fresh
dress: H&M
skirt: Ricki's
leggings: Walmart
boots: Steve Madden

Today I'm thankful for massages to help with a constant headache. 


Cara said…
That sounds like the best financial plan! I'm trying to convince myself the opposite (it's ok to skip doing something if I need the money to clothe my changing body) but I much prefer yours!
Shybiker said…
Awfully darn cute! Black on black is chic. And you look fab.

I'm aiming the same way with my finances: experiences are more valuable than objects. Maybe someday our paths will meet in real life. I'd like that.
geetabix said…
Austerity measures make me feel like I'm counting by blessings - I already have so much stuff! Maybe if you're bored of some stuff you could organize a swap.

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