Just a matter of perspective

Stripes and spots are pretty much the best.

I pinned this from H & K Style Journey. Which is pretty awesome considering I'm linking up to their blog for Pinned It & Did It! YAY!

feb 2013 5

I didn't have a bag to pull it all together so I used brown jewelry.

top: Ricki's
other top: Smart Set
skirt: Smart Set
leggings: Joe Fresh
boots: Ayla
necklace: Joe Fresh
bracelet: gift

Today I'm thankful for internet friends who are inspiring. 


Shybiker said…
Everywhere I look today, it's Heather Heather Heather! Nice style, though.
Cara said…
Heather is just the best!
But so is the painting in front of the fire place... I've never noticed that before!
Bethie The Boo said…
I love Heather's style and pinned that same pin of hers too! I used my striped skirt today but not in that pin, I did a different one. I love your polka dot skirt!
silvergirl said…
Love stripes and dots together
Just wore that look a few days ago on the blog

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