Crocing Jumpodiles

Crocodiles are serious business in the Northern Territory. Everyday there is an article in the newspaper about a croc eating a boat or a small dog or showing up unexpectedly. And there is crocodile merchandise everywhere. 

There are a lot of tourist options when in comes to crocs. We chose the Spectacular Jumping Crocodiles Tour. They took us out on the murky Adelaide River where crocs love to live. Then they dangle some meat over the edge of the boat and the croc swims predatorily up and eyes both the meat and us with a hungry, prehistoric eye. 

You're next

The croc propels himself out of the water to chomp on the meat. Some of them only had 2-3 arms/legs because other crocs had been chomping on them. It's a dangerous place in that river. Some of the crocs were over 6 metres long!

Click on through to Mind the Ramp for more photos of these scary dudes. 

Today I am thankful for a sturdily built boat. Seriously. 


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