What life looks like from a campervan

This campervan was brilliant. After so many months relying on public transport and our own two feet it was such a pleasure to be able to drive where we wanted on our own schedule. The Gentleman Caller did the driving. I did the navigating / bad car singing.

We stopped in Mataranka twice for the amazing hot springs. Down a long path through a palm forest (in which the ground is carpeted by broken branches, pulled down by flying foxes) there is a FREE thermal pool. The water is beautifully clear and about 32 degrees. They've built it up so it is like a pool but it has a sandy bottom with tree roots sticking up and the thermal river passing through. After a long drive it was such a treat to be able to bob around in this magical place. Perfection. I've often wished we could go back just for a few hours. 

Our evenings were spent rolling into a campsite and setting up (a simple matter of attaching our power cord). We'd make an awesome cheapy pasta meal on our camp stove and listen to a lot of Paolo Nutini. 

I learned that the bachelor's meal of instant noodles with pasta sauce (and a few veggies thrown in at my insistence) is actually pretty good. Beer and chocolate also help. We'd cuddle down for the night with some Modern Family and slept surprisingly well on a foam mattress in the back of a van!

Today I am so thankful that we were able to hire this van. It was so fun to be on the open road with nothing but a great roadtrip playlist, trivia, madlibs, a vague plan and a cute boy. 


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