Monday, September 10, 2012

Thoughts on Darwin, heat, adventure and short skirts

I've been living in Darwin, NT, Australia since the middle of June. It was an accident really that we ended up here. The Gentleman Caller and I planned on finishing our roadtrip to the centre of Australia and then fly somewhere else to get jobs. But then we rolled into town, took one look at what paying for petrol did to our bank accounts and decided that we couldn't afford to leave. And so we got jobs. Me working as a waitress, again. Him working moving furniture. And because we're in the Northern Territory, far away from most things we make good money. But because everything is so expensive here we're not saving a lot.  

And so I've been living here, where everyday is the same. The weather is stunningly hot everyday. There is never a cloud in the sky (ok, maybe twice), there is never any rain (ok, maybe 3 drops). All I know is that when I go outside every morning it's going to feel like I just stuck my head in an oven. And in the middle of a -40 degree Canadian winter that sounds like heaven. But day after day? It's oppressive. I feel the sky, the sun, the heat weighing down on me. I'm tired all the time because heat make me sleepy. I've discovered that this body of mine likes a temperate climate, not too hot and not too cold. 

And so I am eagerly counting down the days until we leave. It's 10 days away. I'm looking forward to maybe having to look out the window before leaving for the day. I'm excited for potentially wearing layers (and tights!!!). I'm pretty pumped about not sweating all the time. But you know when you are looking forward to something and the closer it gets the more anxious, eager, frantic you are to get there? Kinda like when you really have to pee and the closer you get to home the more it feels like you're going to blurst? That's how these last few days have been feeling. 

I'm trying to remember to live fully. This is where I am right now and this is where I need to be: mind, body, spirit. When else will I be living in a tropical climate? When else can I go to the beach everyday? When else can I work at a job where I have absolutely no responsibility? These last few days are for enjoying what I have and working to save up for the next phase of our adventure. And maybe they are to help me learn just to sit with something that is uncomfortable. It's not going to kill me to just be with my eagerness, anxiety, anticipation and not do anything about making it go away. 

And one good thing about Darwin? It's taught me to feel (more) comfortable in short dresses. It's too hot otherwise!! Case in point: I remember wearing this dress in Adelaide and feeling super uncomfortable and conscious that it was pretty short. And so I look awkward in the first photo. Since it's boiling everyday in Darwin I've decided to give up feeling self-conscious about my legs and the huge potential that someone might see my bottom if the wind plays a mean trick. I'm way more comfortable and confident. So thanks for that, Darwin!


Today I am thankful for this moment. And the next one too.



Style Journey said...

Yah for feeling confident! You look fabulous in this dress :) Best of luck on your next adventure!

archives vintage said...

oh man...i am also REALLY not a hot weather person, so my heart goes out to you! here's hoping these next few days speed by - can't wait to see where your next adventure will be to! :D

danielletocker said...

You look great, Danielle!
We all miss you.
Good luck on the upcoming adventures.


geetabix said...

Becoming comfortable in short dresses? Sold! When's the next flight to Australia?

Alex said...

I feel the same way about not wearing makeup or doing my hair as you do about short skirts. When I first started traveling I had to ease into going completely au naturale, and what was the point anyway? My makeup would melt off and my hair would just curl up. Now I embrace it, even though I still feel slightly self-conscious but it's funny how we can adapt on the road and take these little lessons with us back home.