A little Grey

Last week I found my first grey hair. I'm sure I've had them before but I just didn't notice. Maybe because I've always coloured my hair and this is the first time in a very long time that my hair is exactly how it's meant to be (plus highlights from the serious sun in Australia). I mean, it was about time. I'm nearly 31 (Holy pants. I just realized that I'll be 31 in a month. Whoa.) so I shouldn't have been shocked. And I wasn't, not really. I wanted to keep it and tape it into my journal. But I don't have any tape. So I threw it away. 

Then the next day I found another hair the same length and texture. But this time it was black. I think my body, like my mind, doesn't much care for age or doing what it's 'supposed' to do at a certain time. And I think that's cool. 

(And another thing: is it grey? Or gray? Is one American and one British? And being Canadian which am I meant to use? And now that I've written them both out they both look wrong)

Today I am thankful for growing older. Because I'm glad to be alive. 


Kimberly said…
I found my first gray hair at 21 - you get no sympathy from me getting one at 31! HA!!
geetabix said…
I'm 31 and I have a million grey hairs!

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