Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yesterday was my last day at work before starting our next travel adventure. About 5 minutes to close 40 people walked in for dinner. This is not an exaggeration. I counted them.

It was also my 3 year Date-aversary with the Gentleman Caller.

Because of both of these things we drank champagne at midnight. Out of teacups.



Cara said...

The best champagne I had was out of pastic cups... though teacups are much classier!

And yes, if it has more than 6 ingredients, it can have one "package" in it!

archives vintage said...

happy date-aversary!!!! :)

Laura Go said...

DRINK THAT CHAMPAGNE. You deserve it. Happy anniversary! and you are such a trooper and a sport for still serving those 40 people who walked in. Seriously, why don't people get that we all have lives too, eh?