An interlude: Vietnam

Guys, I'm in Vietnam. Holy smokes! Never having been to Asia before I was pretty nervous. Arriving at night and trying to navigate visitors visas, a taxi, crossing the street and finding our hotel was exhausting and overwhelming. All I wanted was a bottle of water and a big sleep and maybe just to hold on to something that I understood.

But today, oh today! The sun was shining, the horns were honking and Ho Chi Minh City was buzzing! Today our hotel, while not at all easy to find, made some sense (It was down a small, dark alleyway that turned onto a smaller, darker alley). Since I am a master jaywalker crossing 15 'lanes' of car, taxi, bus and 1 zillion motorbikes and scooters was only 84% terrifying.

I'm still a bit overwhelmed and wary but I'm also SO EXCITED to be here!

That is all.


Cara said…
Just keep repeating to yourself: "people live here every day and don't die" and you'll be fine!
geetabix said…
I want to go to Vietnam! Lucky you! Have fun. Tell us more!

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