Crocosaurus Cove

Crocodiles are such a serious thing in the Northern Territory that they are also entertainment. We spent one Saturday going to Crocosaurus Cove! 

This little guy was trying to get out of his cage. He was working so hard to break through the glass. 

Even baby crocs are scary looking. 

Can you imagine if you were snorkeling and looked over to see this!!! YIPES!!! Too many tails connected to too many teeth!

Crocs give the Gentleman Caller a high-five. Give the chance, though, I have no doubt that he would have bitten those fingers right off!

All of the big croc were ones that had been taken out of their natural habitat because they were too deadly. 

Many of the big crocodiles were put into a sanctuary / breeding farm. However, they had to be relocated because instead of breeding nicely they like to take chomps out of their mates. So they were put in isolation at Croc Cove for tourists to gape at.

Today I am thankful for the invention of foot thick aquarium glass. Safety first. 


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