Darwin Show

One day we went to the Royal Darwin Show. It had enormous pumpkins, squawking chickens of many different breeds, a mice circus and other funny little things. 

However, this carnival game is terrifying. I mean, look at the clowns eyes. Horrifying. No thank you. 

If I was a child I would totally have loved flopping about in these large hamster balls. Heck, I'd still love to do that!

We also watched pigs race. They literally raced around a track and we all cheered. Then the pigs ran up the ramp and dove into a pool. Pigs are remarkably talented. And fast! It was hard to get a motion photo!

I also offer photographic eveidence of the one night that the Gentleman Caller and I went out on the town, dancing with some of his ex-work friends. 

And some clever chap put these posters up around town. Awesome. 

Oh Darwin you are such a weird place. 


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