When we left Darwin we were pretty darn excited to be doing so. It meant that our working time was over and our playing time was about to start. It also meant that maybe, just maybe, we would be somewhere that wasn't so uncomfortably hot all the time. 

We had to get up at 3am to catch a bus and then a plain to Cairns, OLD. As we dragged all of our belongings out at 4am the street was still bustling with partying backpackers and shouting homeless people. And it was still really really hot. 

This is my look of relief/excitement at arriving in Cairns for holiday time!!

tank: cotton on
skirt & leggings: Sportsgirl
boots: Target
bags: worldly belongings

In Cairns we just chilled out. By the free lagoon they have at the waterfront, which was a delight!

We thought that we were escaping the heat, and in some ways we were, but it was still seriously UV-ish. You've got to slip, slap, slop here. 

Our hostel had just opened it's garden bar and had promotions on: FNQ beer for only $2.50 a bottle. As we had never heard of this beer and are also quite cheap, this was a treat!

We also walked around the harbour a lot. Yes, maybe it was because we were looking for gelato. What's it to you?

Today I am thankful for discovering new cities without an itinerary. Just a will to be thrilled. 


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