All those city lights

Since the Gentleman Caller and I don't have jobs we spend a lot of time in the apartment looking for jobs. That means that at night I want to get out of the house and do something, even if its just going for a walk.
One Thursday night we took a tram into the city to see all the pretty lights.

And, naturally, eat truffles...

We also saved all our dollar coins and took them to a casino to play the 2 cent machines. We didn't win anything but it was a couple hours worth of entertainment!

top: Target
dress: Ricki's
belt: off H&M dress
tights & scarf: ?
shoes: Quick Brown Fox

Today I am thankful for an outing with my Gentleman. I'm happy that even though we see each other all the time now, I still get butterflies... 


Kim said…
Cute look! I love your scarf and tights! :D
LyddieGal said…
what gorgeous cityscapes! the reflections in the water are just the best. Hope you can find jobs and an apartment soon!
Chic on the Cheap
geetabix said…
Gorgeous city and I love your outfit!
laura said…
oooh everything looks so pretty! and those truffles are looking extra pretty to me right now :)

♥ laura
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