Chapel Street

We live close to Chapel Street which is a shopping street full of hipsters. Often, when I walk down the street I'm quite sure that I'm not quite cool enough. At the very least I don't wear enough leggings as pants and totally see-through tops to fit in to the scene.
The Gentleman Caller had a hankering to drool over expensive cars at the Lamborghini store:

After all that manliness I had to have a rest. Which, obviously means sitting at a pub. Drinking a delicious and sour beer called Perverse Sexual Amalgam. What a fabulous name!

Today I am thankful for trying new things. And understanding salesman who know that we were only there to gawk at the fancy vehicles. 


Style Journey said…
After drooling at fancy cars, I would need a drink too :) Heather
danielletocker said…
You look awesome, D! I love the colours you are wearing!

Kirstin Marie said…
That car is quite lovely! You look gorgeous drinking your beer! I love your hair by the way.
Bella said…
I love the relaxed stance in these photos!And really, how awesome is the name of that beer! :)

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