Like a fox

We are lucky enough to be included in most of our hosts social events. Last week we went to a backyard party at a beautiful house. It was beautiful and pretty fun. But after 2 hours of being with people who we didn't know, and 95% of them didn't make an effort to know us (but the ones who did were so lovely!) we decided to be true to our introverted selves. We walked home through a gorgeous area of the city with huge houses and views of the river.
We got some Mexican food, came home, and watched a movie. It was a great night!

top: Target
dress: Suncana
leggings: Ricki's
shoes: Quick Brown Fox

A word about this dress: At a market there was this lovely designer lady from Croatia. She had worked for many years in costume design for theatre. She made this dress and it's really cool. The front is black, the back is red-black and there are purple ties at the side. On the hanger it just looks like a shapeless bag. But the trick is to use the ties to do different things! Tie in front, back to the side, wrapped around, tucked inside. It's like 7 dresses in 1! And it feels very Melbournian to me. Black but with an interesting cut. It may not always be the most flattering but it's always different and comfy! 

Today I am thankful for the times that allow me to be social and allow me to have time to myself


mazziekw said…
Melburnians can be terrible snobs. Sorry 'bout that. ;)

laura said…
oooh, I wanna see that dress in ACTION! As in I want to see how you style it in different ways!

♥ laura
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