Melbourne Cup!

In Melbourne, the spring Racing Carnival is the big thing in October/November. The biggest day of all is the Melbourne Cup Day. 
Outside our carpark

The hat is good!

We were lucky enough to be able to attend this year. I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I had to wear something nice and wear something on my head. Ollie and I had gone shopping a couple of week prior and I discovered that hata are outrageously expensive. Even the bin full of broken hats and left over feathery bits was still over $50. 

This is where you bet!

Food? Champagne? Yes please!

Watching the races

I also knew that we'd be outside all day and because Melbourne has 4 seasons in one day I would probably be cold. I wore a thermal top underneath my dress 'cause I'm classy like that. 


Maybe someone won? 

Basically the Melbourne Cup was a fancy tailgate party. We were in the nursery (a giant parking lot) and had a gazebo with buckets of champagne and lovely bits to eat like mini quiche, antipasto platters, and mini cakes. It was beautiful! We watched the horse races on a giant screen. And then we thought we'd bet. 

This is what happens when your horse places!

Epic Winning

We even got to swap tickets and go into the wealthy area. It was a fancier carpark with more expensive champagne. But the best bit was that we were able to actually see the track and watch the horses go by.

Watching the horses go by

Amazing! Especially since horse racing is not something that is part of anything that we know about. The whole day was very strange and fantastic!

Today I am thankful for wonderful friends and friends of friends who include us in their fun times!


Style Journey said…
Now that looks like some fun! Your hat is gorgeous. Did you feel all proper and ladylike? I have always wanted an occasion to wear one of those things, lol! Heather
laura said…
Wooohooo! You won! And you look so happy with your fancy, feathery fascinator hat! :)
♥ laura
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Cara said…
I love how fancy everyone is for standing around a carport! Your fascinator is lovely, and I like how the gentleman caller cleans up!
FutureLint said…
Fun! I've never been to a horse race either and it looks awesome! And that's awesome you won!

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