Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A small rant and a cute story

The Rant
Australia is proving to be more difficult than planned. While we both had good jobs and were highly respected at home, here it's just been rejection after rejection. I was really hoping that I could work somewhere that would add to my resume when I get home. I knew that it wouldn't be an amazing job but I was hoping not to have to be a waitress because the hours are so terrible. Generally in my life it's been "Danielle! You are fabulous! Here's a job!" And I understand that no one knows me here and that fabulousness is hard to translate onto paper. But still. I have lots of skills. The Gentleman Caller has lots of skills.
The other thing is that many many many businesses refuse to hire people who are on our type of work visa. Sometimes you have to go through a 10 minute application and then at the end it will say that working holiday visas need not apply. Just put that at the beginning!
Every Australian who we've talked to said that we ought to go to CentreLink, which is like a government agency to help people find jobs. We had one very similar back home and anyone who is eligible to work in Canada is able to go there. So we got dressed up in interview gear and walked over there. We just got in door and the worker said "Yeah. We can't help you here. Not on that visa." So the government makes these visas really easy to get but actually doesn't want us here. I know that we can't be enrolled in programming or anything like that. We were just hoping for someone to maybe point us in the right direction and give some hints. Very very frustrating. And it's getting harder and harder to remember that I am actually hireable and have something to give to this country.

And all this was pretty dejecting until we walked around the corner and saw this:

The Cute Story
We went to a party a few weeks ago. It was, in classic Aussie fashion, a BBQ. The host wanted to make sure that we were welcomed and felt comfortable so he ran out to the store especially to buy us mayonnaise because he had heard that Canadians love mayonnaise. We didn't know this until the next day. And consequently we didn't eat any because we were eating bbq lamb and bbq chicken. I might have some mayonnaise on a burger. Maybe? Anyway I think that is the cutest and nicest thing...

Today I am thankful that I have my health. At least there's that.  


FutureLint said...

Ugh, that is frustrating! Applying for jobs is terrible to begin with but doing it all for nothing, because they won't even hire someone with your type of visa has to be so difficult! Keep your head up and good to hear you're still looking for the bright side of things!

Vanessa said...

Keep your chin up! I'm sure something will pop up! It can be pretty frustrating though, I imagine!

geetabix said...

That really sucks. How long are you over there for? The mayonnaise guy sounds like he makes up for it all.

Bella said...

Here's hoping you find something soon! Hang in there! And may I say the super hero wall is amazing? Cute!

Kinsey said...

To not find work must be so frustrating! The mayo bit is really sweet!

mazziekw said...

Have you signed up with any of the recruitment companies? Hays, Dixons, etc?

laura said...

Danielle, I'm sorry to hear about this! I know how frustrating finding a job can be... heck, I've been looking forever. :( but keep going on!!! Chin up,lady!

That batman/robin wall art really cheered me up!
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Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

I hope your luck gets better! P.S- Mayo in Aus is super gross! But that was totally cute!