Cup Attire

There were some pretty incredible dresses and hats at the Melbourne Cup. There were also some real unfortunate ones. There seemed to be some confusion on what was day wear and what was club wear. Some of the dudes went all out too with fedoras. One had a completely purple suit, shoes and all. Amazing.

The shoes that I planned on wearing had a flaw when I put them on: They had lost the heel tip! All was lost! I had to borrow some heels from a friend but they were a little too big and impossible to keep on for longer than 1/2 hour. Luckily I have a massive handbag and could fit the flats in as well...

dress: some dress that does 12 things that I bought from a Vancouver designer in 2008
top: Thermal long john for warmth
tights: Ricki's
Shoes: Camper
Hat & necklace: borrowed from friend

Today I am thankful for hats. They make you feel fancy or (if wide-brimmed) protect you from the sun!


geetabix said…
Love the outfit, especially the shoes and hat!
Tia said…
That tiny hat! I have so much love for it!
Bella said…
Danielle, that hat is just adorable! And again, the tights are just out of this world incredible! :)
Anonymous said…
My name is Jennifer and I salivate over wrap dresses. Aren't they the best?

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