The other day we were in the city and decided that we wanted to go for sushi. And what better kind of sushi to have than the ones that come to you on a little train! We found a place, sat down and then realize that it was $3 per plate. And those plates had maybe 2 tiny bits on them. So we promptly packed up our stuff and wandered down the street to Cookie. It's a restaurant/bar that has really delicious Thai-ish type food. And it has a cider on tap called Dirty Granny!
We tried to order what we had last time we were there with a friend. We ended up only getting one thing right. The other was a super hot dish that you wrapped in leaves that look like they could have been pulled off a tree outside. We are not very familiar with this kind of food so it was exciting!

Also there was a giant machine on the roof of the building across the way just jackhammering away. Very strange and potentially dangerous!

Normal looking building right? Look closer:

Whaaaaaat? Isn't he just going to jackhammer himself through the floor?

Today I am thankful for finding places in the city... and then being able to find them again to enjoy their delicious food all over again!


Style Journey said…
You look like you are having a fabulous time. You are brave trying all that new food, lol!
Cara said…
Mmmmmmmm..... Thai food!
FutureLint said…
Too bad about the sushi but good for you for rolling with it and finding something fun to do! There is a place here where there is a moat around the sushi restaurant and plates go by on little boats and it's expensive too! Cool, but not worth it!
minigrrl said…
Ha! I was in Melbourne Weds/Thurs (I live in Brisbane) and went to Cookie for cocktails on Weds night! Fabulous. Such a small world...

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