I love a costume party. I love them more than most things. It's so fun to dress up and see how far people will take a theme. Recently we went to a friend's 30th birthday party in full Indian Bollywood style. We drove out to a suburb called Dandenong to go shopping for our outfits.

I actually felt pretty uncomfortable since I was concerned about cultural appropriation and was hoping against hope that the people of Indian descent didn't think that we were making fun of them. When we arrived at the clothing stores the shop keepers were so very friendly and helpful. They seemed happy to help us make the most of our Bollywood adventure, so that made me feel a bit better about it.

The birthday girl hired out an entire Indian restaurant and the employees were all dressed in beautiful saris. They were pretty excited because they never get to wear traditional things to work regularly.
Since we are slightly low on funds and space we didn't go all out like some of the other guests. We dressed up, ate delicious food and had a great time! Also it was the most comfortable birthday party ever! And cool too... I'm definitely wearing this again in Adelaide, where it's supposed to be hot enough to melt your eyeballs. Super.

Kurta & bangles: Roshan's in Dandenong
lei: gift from birthday girl
scarf: gift from Somalian client
pants: Lulu Lemon
sandals: Teva
earrings: gift from mama
necklace: English village shop
cuff bracelet: gift from uncle
bag: Matt & Nat

Today I am thankful for bright colours and the best food. Sometimes that, plus good company, is all that you need!


laura said…
What a fun idea for a partay! I love the color of the top on you and your makeup looks divine!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
FutureLint said…
Oooh fun! You look super cute!
Style Journey said…
What a fun idea for a party! Themed parties are always a blast :)
Courtney Erin said…
That looks like so much fun!!!!

xoxo ~ Courtney

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