Friday, December 23, 2011

Lacy games

I'm finding dressing so difficult in Melbourne. My style is all about layers and with the hot and humid weather that's just not possible. So most of the time I'm sweating my face off and not feeling like myself.
This outfit actually felt like me and it wasn't too hot either!!

dress: Ricki's
top: Target
belt: H&M
shoes: Quick Brown Fox

Taking outfit photos is tricky without a tripod or a Gentleman...

Today I am thankful for finally getting something right.


danielletocker said...

I love this outfit, D!! And the white kitchen!
Merry Christmas

Laura Go said...

This outfit looks lovely, Danielle! very you indeed! i love the lace bolero and the bow belt!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Tia said...

Oh man! That lacy top is the cutest damn thing. :3 And the belt! Darling.

Bella said...

Danielle, you look beautiful! I love this sassy dress with the bow! The lace bolero is the perfect cover up for the hot, humid weather! :)

Chelsea said...

I think I might fall apart a bit if I moved somewhere with drastically different weather, since I've grown SO ACCUSTOMED to dressing for cooler temps year round. Layers, layers, layers. I went to Hawaii on vacation a few years ago, and just melted into a puddle of self-consciousness, though I'd felt empowered and like a body image warrior before I left. But leaving behind my sweaters and tights and leggings left me feeling so exposed and vulnerable! I wasn't able to overcome the icky feelings while on the trip, and they lasted through when I got home, but I think if I went again now I'd be better prepared mentally to tell myself that I'm feeling exposed because I am literally exposing more of my body, and allow myself space and time to adjust to that and get my body embracing groove back. So, thanks for posting about this topic, because it really resonates!

Also, this outfit SCREAMS you to me, and I freaking love it! Yay, lacy top!

geetabix said...

Such a cute outfit and cute kitchen!