Phillip Island: The Pinnacles

When the Gentleman Caller and I went to Phillip Island we walked down to Cape Woolamai.

We walked along the beach and up to the highest point to see the Pinnacles, a rock formation. 

tops: both from target
jeans: NY & Co
sunnies: Ricki's

We ended up walking 23km that day! I have to stop carrying a big, heavy bag full of books if I'm going to go on a long journey! 

Click through to see all the pictures!

Today I am thankful for the sea. I grew up in a landlocked province and the sea was never part of my life. When I moved to England I lived right on the coast and could hear the sea outside my window. I love that it's so mesmerizing and powerful. I love the smell, the sound, the feeling that we are all connected. Across that ocean is my family and friends. And I am here. But the water I see today could have a droplet of water all the way from home in it... 


geetabix said…
It looks so gorgeous!
Style Journey said…
So beautiful and you look like you are having the time of your life!
laura said…
Ok, WOW. That first picture? Breathtaking!
♥ laura
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